Child Vaccines Overload - Swine Flu Shot Untested

The swine flu vaccine will be given to children at the same time as routine jabs – despite the fact there is no evidence the combination is safe. There are fears that children will be at risk of unknown side effects because safety trials into using the jabs together have yet to be carried out. The plan has also added to concerns about ‘overloading’ young immune systems with multiple inoculations. Campaigners have already voiced concerns that the recommended programme of more than 20 inoculations, including two doses of the MMR injection, by the age of four puts too much strain on children’s immune systems. Neurologists have been warned by the Health Protection Agency to look out for Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) – where paralysis of the breathing muscles can cause death by suffocation.

Beezy Marsh, Daily Mail

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