World Health Organisation Secures Its Own Irrelevance

Despite claiming to want to know what went wrong as much as what went right, the WHO seems unwilling to even entertain the possibility that it created a counterproductive panic by labelling H1N1 a pandemic of the highest order ( "level 6"). You don't shout "fire" in a crowded theatre just because it smells like the popcorn might be a little on the burnt side. As late as last week Keiji Fukuda, the WHO's top influenza expert, was still vigorously defending the WHO's decision to sound the ultimate alarm over swine flu. The rest of the planet is pretty clear on the matter. H1N1 is not, and never was, a pandemic. By insisting otherwise, the WHO is diminishing its own credibility. Most changes are impossible until people concede they've made a mistake. The WHO has shown no indication of being ready to do that. As an organization, it might very well be securing its own irrelevance in the years to come. I'm declaring a "leve l 6" WHO emergency. If that still means anything to anyone.

Marni Soupcoff, National Post

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