New Swine Flu Report Reveals WHO & Public Health Corruption

Incompetent Swine Flu Drug Dealers Flying Pigs Club UK, from left
Andrew Burnham MP - Health Secretary of State
Fear Marketeer Sir Liam Donaldson - Chief Medical Officer (soon to be ex)
'Vaccines Basil, Professor David Salisbury - UK Government Vaccines Director
Gillian Merron MP - Parliamentary vaccines propagandist
Caption & Pic Courtesy Of One Click)

Loss of credibility could endanger lives, says vice chair of Council of Europe's health committee. The World Health Organisation and other public health bodies have "gambled away" public confidence by overstating the dangers of the flu pandemic, according to a draft report to the Council of Europe by Labour MP Paul Flynn. Flynn's draft accuses the WHO of a lack of transparency. Some members of its advisory groups are flu experts who have also received funding, especially for research projects, from pharmaceutical companies making drugs and vaccines against flu. "To date, WHO has failed to provide convincing evidence to counter these allegations and the organisation has not published the relevant declarations of interest. Taking such a reserved position, the organisation has joined other bodies, such as the European Medicines Agency, which likewise, have still not published such documents." One Click Note: Congratulations and tha nks are due to Labour's Paul Flynn MP, working for the best interests of British voters.

Sarah Boseley, The Guardian / The One Click Group

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