Devoted Mother Helped ME Daughter To Die After She Begged For Pain To End

Wretched: Desperately ill Lynn Gilderdale died in her bed in East Sussex

A loving and devoted mother helped her bedridden daughter to kill herself by giving her morphine and a cocktail of drugs, a court heard on Monday. Lynn Gilderdale, 31, a victim of the chronic fatigue disease ME, had already taken an overdose but begged her mother Kay ‘to end her pain’ because it had failed to work. Mrs Gilderdale denies one charge of attempted murder but admits assisting suicide in December 2008. A year before her death, Lynn had tried unsuccessfully to kill herself. She also said she wanted to attend the Dignitas euthanasia clinic in Switzerland and in April 2008 signed a ‘living will’ stating she must not be resuscitated. One Click Note: Many British citizens suffering from unbearable pain and ill health have elected to travel to the Dignitas to end their lives with family members assisting in suicide. None have ever been prosecuted by the British authorities upon their return home, despite the extensive publ icity. The message received from this is that the rich and the mobile may end their lives at will whilst the poor or bed confined may not. UK law is a double standards ass.

Colin Fernandez, Daily Mail / The One Click Group

Was Swine Flu A Fake Pandemic?

The Alliance for Human Research Protection calls for an investigation of conflicts of interest at Federal Agencies which spearheaded the excessive, expensive, and unjustifiable federal expenditure in response to false Swine Flu "pandemic" in the U.S. With at least 36,000 U.S. deaths annually from seasonal flu, and (at most) 10,000 deaths from swine flu, we believe that President Obama's recent declaration (in October 2009) that swine flu presents a national emergency was ill-advised as it is preposterous. Neither the Bush nor Obama administration made any attempt to inform Americans that in the event that they suffered a drug or vaccine-caused injury, they were prohibited from accessing the US legal system to seek damages. AHRP would like to know why the US treasury, and worldwide health budgets, have come to resemble Big Pharma's cookie jar?

Vera Hassner Sharav, AHRP

Greedy Mad Scientists Conflate Swine Flu Pandemic

Simon Jenkins

UK Health chiefs should admit they were wrong – yet again – about a global pandemic. The chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, bandied about any figure that came into his head on Swine Flu, settling on "65,000 could die", peaking at 350 corpses a day. Donaldson knew exactly what would happen. The media went berserk. Drugs were frantically stockpiled and key workers identified as vital to be saved for humanity's future. Cobra alerted the army. Morgues were told to stand ready. If anyone dared question this drivel, they were dismissed by Donaldson as "extremists". Mad scientist syndrome is rampant. One Click Note: As we stated in November 2009, Sir Liam Donaldson's assertion that the British Swine Flu Plan was devised courtesy of Mexico with the best information to hand is analogous to the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie that got Britain into the war in Iraq.

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian / The One Click Group

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Hong Kong Swine Flu Vaccine Victim Investigated

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health today (January 18) received report about a 67-year-old woman admitted to Kwong Wah Hospital who complained about limb weakness following human swine influenza (HSI) vaccination. It is noted that the previous 58-year-old Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) compatible patient in Queen Mary Hospital had no fever. His nerve conduction test showed prolonged distal motor latency in the foot muscles and his CSF showed high protein content.

Information Release, 7th Space Online

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Pentavalent Vaccine Suspended As Children Die

Two months after being introduced nationwide, the health ministry has alerted all hospitals to immediately stop vaccinating infants with the pentavalent vaccine, because it may have side effects. Last year in April, Sri Lanka withdrew the pentavalent vaccine as a precautionary measure, following five reports of fatal AEFIs and 20 reports of non-fatal AEFIs. This is the first time, a vaccine has been stopped in Bhutan since the extended program for immunisation (EPI) was launched in 1979.

Sonam Pelden, Kuensel Online