Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer

Lennart Hardell’s group at University hospital, Orebro, Sweden, have been investigating the brain cancer risks of mobile phones since the late 1990s, and conducted several case-control studies in which cancer cases were compared with matched controls in terms of exposure to microwaves from mobile phones and more recently, also cordless phones.  The group has consistently found that wireless phones increase the risks of brain tumours, both malignant and benign, especially on the side of the head where the mobile phone is used. The most persuasive results came from two large case-control studies on brain tumours assessing the use of mobile phones and cordless phones. The highest risk for both malignant and benign brain tumours was found for the same side of the head of those who have used wireless phones for more than 10 years. Significantly, the risks are several times greater for the youngest group: people who started to use mobile phones when they are less than 20 years old.

Dr Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society

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