UK Government Squandered £300 Million On Useless Deadly Swine Flu Vaccines

Incompetent Swine Flu Drug Dealers Flying Pigs Club, from left:
Andrew Burnham MP - Health Secretary of State
Fear Marketeer Sir Liam Donaldson - Chief Medical Officer (soon to be ex)
'Vaccines Basil', Professor David Salisbury - UK Government Vaccines Director
Gillian Merron MP - Parliamentary vaccines propagandist
Caption & Pic Courtesy Of One Click)

Up to £300million of British taxpayers' money has been wasted on swine flu jabs that were never needed. Ministers ordered 90million doses of a vaccine last year at a cost of £540million as panic over the illness gripped the country. The Department of Health tried to get out of the enormous contract but the drug firm, GlaxoSmithKline, refused to back down. Yesterday the Government announced it had signed a compromise deal that caps the number of shots of Pandemrix at 34.8million - but, astonishingly, at twice the price first agreed. It means the Government will pay for two-thirds of the original deal but only receive just over a third of the doses. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies that profited from the swine flu scare stand accused of grossly exaggerating the risks of the outbreak. Critics claim the drug firms manipulated the WHO into downgrading its definition of a pandemic so they could cash in. In all, the companies behind the vaccin es and anti-virals will pick up an estimated £4billion windfall from swine flu.

Jenny Hope, Daily Mail

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Seasonal Flu Shot Increases Risk Of Catching Swine Flu

In a lengthy article published in Public Library of Science Medicine (PLoSMed), researchers detail the results of four supplementary studies that were launched after an April 2009 school outbreak provided the first signal of an association between seasonal flu shots and pandemic flu illness. The studies, which took in about 2,700 people, found overall that the likelihood of needing medical attention for pandemic flu was 1.4 to 2.5 times greater among people who were vaccinated the previous fall. All four studies show an increased risk of illness from Swine Flu among the vaccinated. The risks shown in the studies ranged from 1.19 to 3.20 times greater for those who received the seasonal vaccine.

Maryn McKenna, CIDRAP

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China: Wave Of Anger Rises Over Vaccine Scandal

BEIJING - Shortly after Liu Yan’s four-year-old son Liu Yi was bitten by a dog, he did what any responsible parent would do: took his child to the hospital for a vaccination. Two weeks later, after the fourth injection, Liu Yi became violently ill. Liu Yi’s condition quickly deteriorated and he died later that afternoon. China has been hit by several vaccination scandals in recent weeks. According to the Hong Kong-based ‘Mingpao’ magazine, Jiangsu Yanshen Biological Stock Co Ltd, had produced contaminated vaccines that over the years had sickened over one million people.

Mitch Moxley, IPS