Next-up news Nr 693

- AFP : Auditions au Congrès US : "Le lien entre portables et cancers
préoccupe les experts américains "

- AFP : "Scientists warn US Congress of cancer risk for cell phone use"

U.S. Congress : (no exhaustive list)
- CNN : Scientists debate possible cell phone link to brain cancer.
- ABC News : Remaining Mute,
Cell Phone Execs Refuse to Appear Before Congress.
Industry Group a No-Show at Hearing On Whether or Not There is a Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer.
- Daily Mail : We can't ignore the links between mobile phones and cancer.
like we did with tobacco, top scientists tell U.S. Congress .
- Daily Mail : Why your mobile should carry a health warning like
cigarette packets because of brain cancer risk.

- BusinessWeek : Cell Phones and Cancer: More Research Needed .
- The Straits Times : Cancer risk for cell phone use .
- United Press International : Expert, Kids more at risk from cell phones.