UK Drugs Dealer Supremo Squanders £1billion Plus On Swine Flu

Sir Liam Donaldson, UK Chief Medical Officer

Drugs Dealer Disgrace

(Caption & Pic Courtesy Of One Click)

If Swine Flu turns out to be the weakest pandemic in history, it may be that our response, with one of the biggest stockpiles of anti-viral drugs and vaccines in the world, will appear disproportionate. It is then that the cost of the exercise – more than £1 billion – will come under scrutiny, which could affect plans for future pandemics. One Click Note: Sir Liam Donaldson's assertion that the British Swine Flu Plan was devised courtesy of Mexico with the best information to hand is analogous to the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie that got Britain into the war in Iraq. Anyone who puts a pandemic in place as a result of false stats and then continues to conflate and promote a mild illness to service the pharmaceutical industry and a British regime in trouble is an irresponsible political disgrace. The UK MPs expenses scandal is a mere bagatelle compared to what Drug Dealer Donaldson and his UK gov cronies have spent over false inform ation on Swine Flu. Over £1 billion and counting. Your reputation is smashed and your days are numbered. Tick Tock......

Jeremy Laurance, The Independent / The One Click Group

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