Jerry Flynn <>
Dear Medical Health Officers,
You too have been duped and lied to by industry, by BC's PHO, by Health
Canada, etc. BC's PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall's historic silence on the dangers
of radio / microwave frequency radiation (better known as RF EMF) gives
Telus the proverbial "green light" to install wireless technology as it sees
fit - in cancer clinics, hospitals, seniors' centres, medical buildings,
medical clinics, schools, universities, etc. 

Dr. Kendall's continued silence on the known health hazards of extremely low
frequency, electromagnetic fields or ELF EMF radiation, which are emitted by
electric power utility overhead transmission and distribution lines,
substations, voltage transformers, 'smart' meters, electrical appliances,
tools, machinery, electric vehicles, etc. continues to give electric power
utilities the "green light" to install their infrastructure dangerously
close to schools, residential areas, hospitals, etc. In fact, were not for
Dr. Kendall, 'smart' meters would be prohibited in BC.  

View for yourself the 10-year, $1-Billion contract an earlier government of
BC signed with Telus in 2011. See what is happening in Europe and other
countries of the world! 
Jerry Flynn